Sunday, November 09, 2014

anybody is out there

And that anybody happens to be me . . .

Yeah, seems like this blog is now a once a month instead of the once a week I was hoping for.

So, to the very few readers left reading this, I apologize . . . and my two main excuses are;

1) My dad was in hospital for almost a month - he is recovering now after heart surgery.

2) We have a new puppy - his name is Watson.

Nuff said.

Games - yes, wonderful games. I’m sure that in the past month I’ve purchased one or two.

So, I’ll talk about one of them.

Morels . . .

No, really. It’s a two player game all about collecting, selling, cooking and eating . . . mushrooms.

No, not those mushrooms either . . . and I don’t think the designer was eating mushrooms when he thought of this game . . . but I can’t be sure.

Anyhow, it’s a two player card game that lasts about half an hour, has some hard to explain mechanics but is pretty tactical and fun.

And not for everybody.

My wife and I like it pretty well, though we weren’t blown away by it.

It’s a good game if you have a half hour to wile away.

Tennis - has been happening on and off with my dad thing, and I’ve been playing okay. And by okay, I mean no injuries - which I guess is better than okay, really.

And this is the first weekend I have a free day off - and yes, I’m off to a friend’s house to game - what else would I be doing?

I’m eager to play Legendary Alien Encounters, now that I have all the cards I was missing.

I may drag along BattleLore 2nd Edition too - just in case.

Well, that’s about it for now . . .

Until the next Sunday . . . sometime down the road . . .

Sunday, October 05, 2014

no one can hear me scream

Yes, I remember, long ago I had this blog . . . I used to write in it every week . . . then . . .

Blah, blah, blah.

Not going to go there with a bunch of excuses - just suffice it to say I’ve been busy.

Now, on to the latest board/card game purchase.

Legendary: Encounters, a deck building game - set in the Alien universe.

I really, really like this deck building game. It’s a full on co-op where everybody wins or everybody loses - no middle ground here. It plays from 1-5 players.

First up I’ll talk a bit about my copy . . . which was missing 49 cards out of 600.

Um, yeah, that sucked hard!

I did immediately contact the company and replacements are on the way - but still?

And it looks like I’m just one of many in this leaking boat. This is pretty inexcusable from Upper Deck an industry giant when it comes to cards.

That aside, I managed to use proxy cards to play a few games and wow, what a fun and tense game this is.

Oh, and the game comes with a full color, totally awesome playmat that is just perfect for the game. It’s like a giant mouse pad and has space for everything you need in the game - brilliant!

Anyhow, there are a ton of reviews out there on the intertubes, so feel free to check some out if you like. For my dollar, this is a great game that really does feature co-op play where without help from your fellow players you will all lose - badly!

In short, this game comes with four scenarios, each from one of the feature films in the Alien franchise, and it does each one very well.

The aliens show up face down so you don’t know what is coming, and each movie features three different objectives you need to complete which are quite thematic and nail the events of each movie pretty closely.

I can’t wait (should be any day now) for my replacement cards to show up so I can take this off to my friends place for a play through or two.

Well, not much more to be said for this episode.

Oh, in case you are interested, I’ve been doing a complete play through of Last Night On Earth the Zombie Game on my YouTube channel as well.

And driving bus.

And . . .

Until another Sunday . . .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

tired old guy

Well, with the new job now and getting up at 5:00 am to prepare my bus, I’ve been pretty wiped out the last two weeks.

But, I am recovering . . .

And starting next week, I’ll be adding another drive onto my two drives a day by going into the big city on Saturdays again.

And this, despite more driving, I am really looking forward too.

It means once more I get to check out the mega-huge game store for the latest board and card games.

I have about ten on radar to buy this year already, and will definitely pick one up next Saturday which I will then likely blab on about the following Sunday right here.

And yeah, been about a month since my last post . . . but, like I said, I’ve been pretty wiped with the new job and all.

On the plus side my kids on the bus are great and behave themselves. That is a good thing since my total drive is just over an hour with most of them.

I did have a spate of bad luck last week with bus troubles though (brakes, electronics, lights burned out) and had to make three unscheduled trips to home base (20 min away) to get them fixed.

Those were two very long days let me tell you.

Still, my bus is now in great shape (I hope) and should last for a good while before I have to go into home base again.

But who wants to hear about work? Likely nobody, so I’ll turn off that facet.

On the book front . . . er, I’ve stalled out reading pretty much. I hope to get back to it soon.

On the tennis front, our clay courts have been resurfaced and I’m back on track. I held top spot last week with my old Max 200G rackets . . .

Man I do love those old things.

I also finished up a play through of Level 7 [Omega Protocol] board game on my YouTube channel, the second mission of 9.

Um, the commandos got slaughtered . . . just saying.

Well, my time is up again, so, if all goes well . . .

Until the next Sunday . . .

Sunday, August 24, 2014

my new office

Yup - my new office away from home this year is bright shiny yellow.

After 3 weeks of intense training (I kid you not) I have a new driver’s license class (B) and a new job starting, you guessed it, the first day of school.

So, that is my excuse for not posting here the last while since I’ve been very busy learning how to handle a 40 foot bus.

I don’t have too many kids on my route, and I’m actually driving a small van-sized bus, but I’m still fully qualified for the big boys.

My route takes me on a forty km run mostly on dirt roads through the countryside, and I’m liking the fact that the hours are steady with all weekends and holidays off.

And no, the pay is not great, but it is, well, pay.

Board games, as you may or may not know, cost money.

So, there you have it. My new office job.

As for other things in my life like tennis and reading . . . well, let’s just say they have taken a back seat the last month or so.

But - I should be getting back into both of these once I get sorted out job wise.

I did manage to do another board game play through series though this month, and am now planning another for September - so there is that.

I also managed two trips this month too - one to the Stratford and Shaw festivals (my wife and I saw 6 plays in 5 days) and the other to the great white north to visit my folks . . .

In retrospect, I have been busier this month than I have been in years . . . which, I believe, is a good thing.

Idle hands and all that.

Well, that about wraps up the big news for me.

Try as I might to post once a week here, I can’t promise anything for sure.

And so . . .

Until the next Sunday . . .

Sunday, July 27, 2014


. . . the dice game.

This is one of the latest small pack games I’ve bought in the last while - and it’s a good one!

It plays from 3 to 8 people and takes around fifteen minutes to compete a game.

Very fun, very fast, and very cut-throat - but not in a mean way.

If you like chucking dice, accusing your neighbour of being an outlaw or being a deputy - then this is a great game for you and your gaming group.

And yeah, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted here - sorry about that.

But, it is summer and vacation time is here, and I’ve just been darn busy with a bunch of stuff I’ll get to in a later post . . . so, there you have it.

Well, okay, some of the stuff I’ve been doing is another play through on my YouTube channel - I did Uncharted: board game.

I’m gearing up for another play through shortly - like in a couple weeks or so with the hopes that it will be all done by the end of August. When September hits I should be able to get back to a little more stable schedule.

As for posting on YouTube, I really like to have an episode uploaded each day, but I don’t know if I can pull that off for my next one since so many things are cropping up this summer.

So today is game day again and it looks like we have a crew of 8 people which is a bit of a problem.

I don’t seem to have a lot of games that accommodate 8 players and those I do have grind to a near halt if you play with that many.

Still, Bang the dice game does nicely with 8 and I also have Saboteur and Elder Sign, however two others that fit 8 are Eldritch Horror and Fortune and Glory . . . both of which would take next to forever to complete with the full 8 players.

So, if we throw in Fluxx and Zombie Dice as well then, I guess, we should be good to go.

And now that I’ve listed the 8 player games that work well with 8, it looks like we have plenty to keep the crowd happy and not falling asleep during other player’s turns.

Well, not much more to relate, even though it’s been 3 weeks, so I’ll leave off here.

Until next Sunday . . .